Our Company Focus

Provide treatment to people with hormonal dysfunctions. We are passionate about providing solutions to contraception and endocrinological problems that affect millions of people especially women world-wide every year. We strive to address unmet treatment and medicinal needs for such affected people. Our search and development efforts are designed to identify and acquire late-stage and/or marketed proprietary pharmaceutical products for the treatment of hormonal disorders that have an existing base of safety and efficacy data.

Growth by leveraging our product development and product marketing infrastructure We intend to grow our business by adding new products constantly to our portfolio and adding further capacities for manufacture. Pharmaceutical research & development at PAR Labs Before these drugs can be marketed, they must undergo a time-consuming, arduous research and development process. During this time the drug is extensively studied in the laboratory, in healthy human volunteers, and in people who actually have the condition the drug aims to treat. This process is imperative to ensure that the drugs we give are safe and effective and are made as per GMP norms.