Our Company

As a dedicated manufacturer and marketer of Hormone products, the Company concentrated on the niche areas of operations. With its beginnings in Mumbai, PAR Laboratories has been providing quality hormones and contraceptive products to various markets around the world.

In recent months, the Company has been transitioning to position itself for a substantial growth. PAR Laboratories’ acquisition by another pharma group with vast International experience opened the doors of the company to many markets. Along with it came the access to the group’s complete Research and Development facility in Navi Mumbai. This is quickening our ability to bring new hormonal products and better formulations to the market place rapidly. Over the years, PAR Laboratories has been able to identify several new product opportunities which are now in a state of development and continuous improvements.

PAR Laboratories as a company is vertically integrated, which ensures a consistent supply to the market. The company is committed to develop and distribute quality hormonal products that will exceed customer’s expectations at a value that will encourage the use of cost effective hormonal contraceptives and supplements. Safety and quality are of prime concern to us and it is the patient who gets the ultimate benefit in savings and cure.